François Weinert

At present there are around 60 million people worldwide expelled due to war, political persecution and oppression. They are looking for shelter but in many countries, also in Europe, they have to meet with refusal and experience discrimination. We are a community of young photographers, reporters and graphic artists that guide refugees before and throughout their flight. We think that it is a matter of course giving refugees a face by bringing their stories on paper. Our investigations led us through the Balkan States to the greek island Lesbos and in the refugee camps of Austria.

With all these impressions we created a book. A book that reflects the future, past and present in one single portrait of refugees from Greece to Germany. Lost: the story of refugees. We're donating the net income to integration programs for refugees in Austria. At the moment the exhibition, including photos of the book, a refugeeballet, music by refugees and readings, is touring through Austria.


Franzsika Tschinderle

Martin Valentin Fuchs
François Weinert

Simon Hellmayr

Design and Concept
Max Schnürer